Getting ready to say “I do”? Well, if you are a DIY-er, then you have many more choices for a fantastic wedding favor than most have.

We’ve found you 40 delightful DIY wedding favor ideas to choose from. Whether you would like a chocolate or foodie themed wedding favor, a wine or alcohol themed wedding favor, a personalized wedding favor, a rustic wedding favor, an eco-friendly wedding favor, a wedding favor that matches the season you are marrying in (Summer, Spring, Fall or Winter) – yes! we’ve found them all & just for the happy couple and your guests!!!

Giving a wedding favor to your guests is your opportunity to say “Thank you for coming to our wedding.” It might surprise you to know this – but you may not have that special, individual moment with each and every guest at your wedding. Lots of couples also want to choose a thoughtful wedding favor as a souvenir for coming to the wedding, something for guests to remember the day. So if your wedding took place in a wine vineyard, then giving a bottle of wine with a personalized wine label and a personalized wine stopper – that would be something that would make all of your guests grin from ear to ear!

Take a look at these special favors we’ve found you. Now we do have a couple of hints if you plan to DIY your wedding favors. For starters – don’t plan on creating them just a few days before the wedding! Even if you love DIY projects, for most weddings you’ll be creating at least 50 of them, or even more. Try to ask a couple of friends or family members to help, as “many hands make light work.” If you are new to DIY projects, try to select something to matches the DIY skills you are most confident with. So don’t choose a wood burning project if you’ve never done this before, instead pick something where you’ve done a couple of projects and know the basic skills.

So, let’s get started! Happy DIY-ing & Happy Wedding!

Mini Cocktails

Having a beach wedding? Here’s the perfect DIY favor!

From RuffledBlog

Take a Shot We Tied the Knot Glasses

Raise a toast to the bride and groom. Aren’t these perfect.

From Etsy by CuteSayings 

DIY Washi Tape Tea Light Favors

Are you the DIY type? Try these fun favors.

From SomethingTurquoise

Bulk Wedding Favors Luggage Tags

Having a destination wedding? Here is the perfect favor for everyone.

From Etsy by LetterandLeather 

How to DIY a Delicious Drinkable Wedding Favor (Hint: Limoncello!)

Very popular drink – for adults! Perfect for a spring or summer wedding.

From TheKnot 

Bulk Personalized Wine Stoppers

Giving wine as your wedding favor? Get personalized wine stoppers.

From LifetimeCreations


Here is a fun wedding favor DIY. Perfect for a fall or winter wedding too.

From SomethingTurquoise

Candle Wedding Favors

Here’s the perfect wedding favor. A candle to celebrate the day.

From Etsy by lulusugar

Homemade Jam

What a fantastic idea for a DIY-er who is getting married! Add a label with your names & wedding date!

From RuffledBlog

Mint To Be Wedding Favors

So sweet! Personalized wedding favors.

From Etsy by TheCrayonHouse 

DIY Cupcake Dome Sticker Topper

What a sweet wedding favor! Try this DIY.

From SomethingTurquoise

Wedding favors for guests

So charming and perfect for a rustic wedding. We love these!

From Etsy by Mesnet 

Handmade Coaster Favors

Here is a great DIY favor that guests will use again and again. Perfect to give.

From TheKnot 

Plantable Love Grows Wedding Favors

Very sweet and perfect for the outdoor wedding. Ideal for a spring, summer or fall wedding.

From Etsy by SeedWeddingFavors

Free Printable Tic Tac Wedding Favors

Here’s a practical and fun wedding favor to DIY. Try this one!

From SomethingTurquoise

Personalized Wood Coasters

Here is a favor people will re-use. Choose this one.

From Etsy by SugarTreeGallery

Hugs and Kisses Favor

Are you a sweet couple that’s meant to be together? Why not choose this DIY favor?

From EverMine

Wedding Champagne Labels

Have your guests toast you when they go home. Here is the perfect favor.

From Etsy from Chicfetti 

DIY “Let Love Grow” Succulent Wedding Favors

Live plants have become a popular DIY wedding favor. Try this one!

From SomethingTurquoise

Set of Heart Love Bottle Openers

The perfect and romantic wedding favor. Here is a sweet one to give.

From Etsy by PartyOpeners

Apple Butter Favors

A fantastic DIY favor for any DIY-er to give. Make apple butter, jam or jelly!

From TheKnot

Personalized Key Bottle Opener Wedding Favor

Here’s a fun wedding favor to give. Why not choose this one?

From Etsy by RVACustomWorks

The Perfect Match Personalized Matches

Not everyone smokes but most of us need matches to light candles. Here is a very classic wedding favor.

From Etsy by 1801andco

DIY Roasted Pumpkin Seed Wedding Favors

Perfect for a Fall wedding. Try this great DIY.

From SomethingTurquoise

Personalized White Sunglasses Customized

Having a beach or outdoor wedding? Here is the perfect favor.

From Etsy by WeddingFavorDiscount 

DIY Hot Chocolate Wedding Favor

Perfect for winter weddings. A very sweet favor.

From RaquelMeriam

Scratch Ticket Wedding Favors

Here’s a fun wedding favor. Why not give out scratch tickets?

From Etsy by DetailsonDemand 

Homemade Cooking Salt Favors

Are your friends and family Foodies? Here is the perfect DIY favor.

From TheKnot 

Personalized Wedding Favor Custom Playing Cards

Do your friends play cards? Here is the perfect favor.

From Etsy by LoveandLuxeHandmade

Wedding magnets

This is a very classic wedding favor. Try this for your wedding.

From Etsy by mimagnet

Coffee Bean Wedding Favors

Coffee fans? Try this DIY wedding favor!

From HighEndPennies 

Wedding Can Coolers

Aren’t these fun? Try these for a great wedding favor.

From Etsy by CreativePartyDesign 

DIY Hot Chocolate Favor

So charming! The ideal favor for a winter wedding

From BridalGuide

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