If you’ve never seen these before, well, you are in for a real treat! DIY silver spoon projects!

Most of us have silver spoons, sometimes “extras” that do not match the place settings we already have. What can you do with them? Now we’ve got the perfect DIY project, just for you.

One of the most popular things to DIY out of silver spoons is different types of jewelry – not only for women but also for men too. As you can see, the stunning craftsmanship of the spoons creates amazing rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces and more. You are only limited by your own creativity.

Now, some of these projects are going to be a lot easier if you are confident working with metal. But do keep in mind that most beginners can DIY a silver spoon project. This is a simple DIY that you can often do within an afternoon.

If you’ve inherited some family silver and don’t quite have enough to set a table with it, DIY-ing some jewelry for your loved ones can be the ideal choice. But we do recommend you ask your family before doing so, to see if they would like a ring, bracelet or some other type of jewelry, so you are certain that they will wear it.

So, let’s get started. Happy DIY-ing!

Quick and Easy Silver Spoon Craft

Here’s a fun DIY. It is practical too.

From Listotic

Transition From Vintage Salt Spoon to Pendant Necklace

Very charming! We love this DIY.

From Instructables

Silver Spoon Pendant Necklace

Very inspiring. A charming pendant.

From Pinterest.com (original pinner unknown) 

Weld a Spoon Flower!

Perfect for your garden. A great DIY.

From Instructables

Antique Silver Spoon Necklaces

Very charming. A fun DIY too.

From EclecticEarth

Make Your Own Hand-Stamped Spoon Necklace

Here is a fun DIY. Perfect for your silver spoons.

From Instructables

Silver Spoon Awareness Ribbon Necklace

What a charming necklace. Perfect if you want to recognize something important to you.

From RosesAndTeacups

Antique Collector Spoon Ring

A charming DIY you can do with an old spoon. Simply lovely.

From Instructables

Silver Spoon Siren’s Tale Bracelet

Mermaid fan? We’ve got the perfect bracelet for you!

From VictorianTradingCo 

Spoon Money Clip

Here’s a great DIY. Perfect for Father’s Day too.

From Instructables

Ornate Spoon Heart Necklace

Very sweet. Perfect for your wife or girlfriend.

From Etsy.com by doctorgus 

Angel Ring, Sterling Silver Spoon Ring

Absolutely stunning! What a beautiful silver spoon ring.

From Etsy.com by Spoonier

Floral Heart Silverware Necklace

Perfect for a wedding or Mother’s Day. And it is made from silver spoons.

From Etsy.com by FreckledHeart 

Spoon Ring – DIY Tutorial

Want to make silver spoon rings? Try this fun DIY.

From Instructables

Spoon Necklace: “Octopus” by Silver Spoon Jewelry

So charming. It’s an octopus.

From Etsy.com by silverspoonj 

Ring, upcycled vintage silver plated fork

Very unique! We love the look of this!

From ArtFire

Sterling Silver Double Spoon Ring

How modern! We love the look of this silver spoon ring.

From MexicaliBlues 

Jubilee 1953 Spoon Bracelet

Isn’t this charming? Take a look at this.

From Etsy.com by DzinesLaura

Rogers Jubilee Spoon Ring

So elegant. This is a lovely spoon ring.

From MidnightJo 

New recycled spoon ring

A lovely opal stone in the center. This is a delightful ring.

From SusannaSegerholm 

Spoon ring

We love how this was DIY-ed. Very creative!

From WildPrairieSilver

Silver Stamped ID Spoon Handle Word Bracelet With Magnetic Clasp by Girl Ran Away With the Spoon

So charming! A delightful ring.

From Etsy.com by GirlRanAway

National Narcissus Daffodil Wrap Around Spoon Ring

So beautiful! We love all of the flowers on this spoon ring.

From MidnightJo 

Make a Antique Silver Spoon Ring Jewelry Project

Here is a charming ring to DIY. Perfect to give as a gift too.

From TheHomesteadSurvival 

International Radiance Spoon Ring

Here is a spoon ring to admire. Lots of lovely accents.

From MidnightJo 

How to Make a Spoon Ring

Very charming. Here is a DIY to try.

From RelovedCreations 

Bee Spoon Ring

Do you love bees? This is adorable.

From Etsy.com by MyLimoIsWaiting 

Daffodil Silverplate Spoon Ring

Do you adore daffodils? This is the spoon ring for you.

From MidnightJo

Handmade Fork Bracelet

How unique! A stunning silver bracelet.

From Etsy.com by TwistedSilverByDzyn

National Silver Moderne Spoon Ring

A very contemporary silver spoon ring. We love this one.

From MidnightJo 

Make Unique Keychains From Silverware

Here is a great silver spoon DIY. Try this one.

From Instructables

Jewell Wrapped Spoon Ring

Very elegant. The ideal silver spoon ring.

From MidnightJo

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