Hey! Do you *heart* DIY projects and have a dog or puppy? Well, not only do we have a treat for you – we’ve also got a treat for your pup too! DIY dog toys that you can make!

We’ve found you 40 totally pawsome DIY dog toys, from ones that even a beginner to DIY will feel 110% confident making, and then projects for those of you who are more advanced. There are sewing DIYs, no sew DIYs, fun DIYs that use eco friendly items such as old tennis balls or tees.

No one will know your pet quite the way you do. So you will know if they will be thrilled with a puzzle toy, a dog toy for pups who adore to chew, chew, chew! or something soft and cozy to cuddle up and take a nap with. And yes, we have all of those types of toys – right here for you and your beloved four-footed friend!

DIY dog toys are a terrific gift if a friend or family member has recently adopted a dog. Most of these DIY projects can be done in an afternoon or an hour’s time.

So, let’s get started! Happy DIY-ing!

DIY Dog Toy & Nature’s Recipe

Lots of fun for your pup and simple to make too. Try this great DIY.

From TheTipToeFairy 

DIY: T-shirt Ball & Tug Dog Toy

Fun to DIY and eco-friendly too. We know your dog will love this.

From YesMissy 

Creating Stuffable Dog Chew Toys

Perfect for the dog who loves to chew. Here’s a dog toy we know you’ll want to DIY.

From DogTipper

DIY Dog Puzzle

Here’s a fun toy for your pup. Try this DIY.

From ProudDogMom

Your dog will love this muffin tin treat game

This is a super simple dog toy. Its also incredibly fun.

From SheKnows

How to Sew a Quick and Easy Dog Bone Toy

Here is a classic DIY dog toy. Try making this one.

From TheSpruceCrafts

Denim Dog Toy

Here’s a simple and fun toy. DIY this one for your dog.

From Instructables

Crochet Dog Toy

Are you a fan of crochet? Here is a great soft DIY dog toy.

From LimeGreenLady 

Kids’ crafts: Make a braided rope dog toy

Perfect if your dog loves to chew. A fun toy to DIY.

From LivingOnTheCheap

Squeak Rubber Chicken Amigurumi

Does your dog love squeaky toys? DIY this one!

From NatalineCraft 

How Do You Make Dog Toys Out of T-Shirts

Eco-friendly dog toys are fantastic. If you have a couple of old tees, you can do this DIY.

From BarkPost 

DIY Candy Crush Color Bomb Squeak Toy

So much fun! Here’s a toy you don’t want to miss out on.

From SewDoggyStyle 

DIY Chew Proof Dog Toy

Is your dog a big chewer? DIY this great toy for them.

From RealHousewivesOfMN

Recycled TShirt – Dogs Tugga Toy

Perfect for tough and fun play with your dog. Try this DIY.

From CraftBits

DIY Water Bottle Crinkle Dog Toy

Here’s a DIY toy that dogs love. It’s also easy to make.

From RompRescue 

How to Make a Tennis Ball Tug Toy for Cheap

Love Tennis Ball Tug Toys? Try this DIY.

From Instructables

How to Make an Empty Water Bottle Dog Toy Cruncher

An eco-friendly toy that your dog will love. Try this fun DIY.

From TheCraftyBlogStalker 

DIY Stuffed Squeaky Softie Shark Dog Toy

Does your pup love squeaky toys? Here’s a great one to DIY.

From Dalmationdiy 

Rope Ball Surprise Dog Toy

Who doesn’t love a surprise? Your dog will be happy, for sure.

From HandsOccupied

Restuffable Easy DIY Dog Toy

So adorable! You can restuff it too.

From KolChakPuggle

How to Make Sweater Dog Toys

Eco-friendly and fun for your dog too. Try this great DIY.

From CraftStylish

Sock Cat Dog Toy

So cuddly! The perfect DIY dog toy.

From Instructables

DIY: How to Make an Interactive Dog Toy

Isn’t this a fun DIY dog toy? You can make this one!

From DogTipper

Birthday Week: DIY Dog Toys

Here is a simple toy that is easy to make. Dogs also think it is lots of fun too.

From AmmoTheDachschund

DIY Mardi Gras Dog Toy How to Sew a Multi Colored Ball

Not just for Mardi Gras season. Wouldn’t you like to play a game of fetch with this?

From Dalmationdiy 

DIY Holiday Doggy Donut Toys

The perfect gift for any pup you know. Not just for Christmas, make these as new puppy gifts too!

From PrettyFluffy 

Recycled Blue Jean Ball

Very eco-friendly and fun for your dog too! DIY them a ball today!

From Instructables 

Homemade Water Bottle Dog Toy

The perfect DIY for your dog. Great to bring on any walk you take together.

From AndreasNotebook

DIY Giant Lips Squeaky Softie Valentine’s Day Dog Toy

Perfect for Valentine’s Day or just to give your pooch a smooch! DIY this fun dog toy.

From Dalmatiandiy 

Squeaky Doggie Bone Tutorial

Here’s a fun DIY dog toy. Try this one for your puppy.

From Laura-Griffin 

DIY Squeaky Softie Sprinkled Donut Dog Toy

So adorable! DIY this fun dog toy.

From Dalmatiandiy

DIY Dog Toy Bunny

So adorable! A fun diy for your dog!

From LiaGriffith

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