“Shut the door!” If you’ve heard yourself say this – then you realize that you are starting to sound like your parents! But seriously – doors can be incredibly drafty. Even sturdy, heavy doors can have spaces underneath them where heat (or cool air) escapes, making it impossible to stay comfortable.

We have a DIY project here that is guaranteed to make you grin from ear to ear. It is incredibly beginner-friendly and also not only will look great, but also help you save money each month too. Remember: draft dodgers (some call these ‘draft stoppers’) are not only for the chilly months of the year, but also for some of the warmest months too, when you’ve got the fan or the A/C running and want to stay cool.

A draft dodger makes a wonderful new homeowner gift, as it is exactly the type of thing that someone will realize they need, and do not have in the home when they need it! While some are filled with rice or beans – we actually recommend against this – because this can tempt mice or other pests to become curious about your dodger! So try to fill it with non food items that will keep it having good weight to cover the door’s draft, such as kitty litter, small pebbles, or even sand (which you can buy at most home improvement stores rather cheaply!).

This is a very kid friendly DIY too, and we’ve got a couple that will especially appeal to kids to make. So if you realize your kid or teen’s room gets drafty, why not make a draft dodger together?

So let’s get started! Happy DIY-ing!

Sock It To Your Energy Bill! Make Your Own Draft Stopper

DIY out of cozy socks. Keep any room toasty warm.

From OneGoodThing

Draft Stopper for Drafty Doors

Here is a great one for beginning DIY-ers. Give this one a try.

From Instructables

DIY Gift Idea: Door Draft Stopper

A simple DIY. Give this one a try.

From SmartGirlStyle 

Draft Dodger Makeover

Cat lover? Here is the draft dodger for you.

From SewAFineSeam

Door Draft Snake

Charming and fun. We love the colors of this snake!

From Etsy.com by DebbieCrochets

Craft for kids: make a sausage dog draught excluder

So cute! Fun craft for kids too.

From TheGuardian 

DIY Draft Stopper

Perfect for your front door or inside doors. Try this DIY.

From CortlandPlace

How to Sew a Draft Dodger

Here’s a simple DIY project. Give this one a try.

From WeAllSew

Horse Silhouettes Draft Dodger

So pretty! We love this draft dodger.

From CountryLiving 


Here’s a great draft stopper to DIY either for a window or a door. Give this one a try.

From KitchenCounterChronicle

Faux Fur Draft Stopper

Elegant and fun. It’s faux fur!

From Etsy.com by FaurFurRugs

Homemade Gift: Door Draft Stopper

Who doesn’t love a homemade gift? We thought you’d agree!

From EngagingToddlerActivities


You can personalize this one too. A great DIY.

From PillarBoxBlue

Funky Diy Draught Excluder

Here’s a fun one to DIY. Take a look at this one!

From CutOutAndKeep

DIY Draft Stopper

Perfect for beginners. A fun DIY.

From MamaOf3Munchkins

Dachshund door draft stopper

So cute! The perfect door stopper.

From Etsy.com by rokushon

Cute DIY Draft Stopper

Super cute! Try this great DIY.

From HowDoesShe 

Make an Under the Door Draft Blocker with a Pool Noodle

Do you have extra pool noodles? Try this DIY.

From Lifehacker 

How to Make a DIY Draft Stopper

Filled with rice. This is simple to DIY.

From TheLittleHouseInTheCiy 

Mismatched Socks? Sew a Sock Snake!

Very eco-friendly and unique too. Looks adorable for any room.

From GrograinFab 

How to Make a Door Draft Stopper

This DIY is very beginner friendly. So give it a try!

From FaveCrafts 

Draft Stopper Catterpillar

Perfect for a kid’s room. DIY this one!

From CutOutAndKeep 

Dodging a Winter Draft with a Draft Stopper

So charming! Perfect to make for a new homeowner.

From InMyOwnStyle

Wonderful World Draft Stopper

Disney fan? We know you’ll like this DIY.

From Instructables 

DIY Boxy Door Draft (or Light) Blocker

Stylish and perfect to keep any room warm. Here is a DIY we know you’ll want to try.

From SoMuchBetterWithAge 

Draft Snake

Practical and cute. Something you’ll want to try.

From CutOutAndKeep

Patchwork Draft Stopper (DIY Exclusive)

Adorable and very stylish! Try this DIY.

From TheGoodStuff 

How to Make a Simple Draft Excluder

Charming and perfect for your front door or other rooms. Try this DIY.

From AO

Syril The Snake Draft Excluder

So charming. A fun DIY.

From CutOutAndKeep 

How to Make a DIY Draft Stopper

Not just for doors, but windows too. Try this great DIY.

From TheLittleHouseInThecityBlog

Knitted Door Snakey

Cozy and adorable! We know you’ll love this snake!

From CutOutAndKeep

Draft Stoppers: How to Make DIY Door Socks

Cozy and helpful. We know you’re going to want to do this DIY.

From GardenTherapy

The Striped Stopper

So charming! DIY this one!!!

From Crochettime 

SewUseful Tree Branch Draft Dodger

Charming and a great way to stay cozy. Try this DIY.

From Instructables

Doggy Draught Excluder

So charming! Perfect for a little one’s room.

From CutOutAndKeep

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